Hijack The Terrorist Group was formed in the mid 1980′s were signed to Music of life and released “Style Wars” and “Hold No Hostage” both records were to change the sound of Hip Hop. We are credited as inventors of Britcore. At this time we probably had two of the best DJs in the world on wax who invented numerous scratch styles that would go on to influence Djs such as Dj Qbert. In the critically acclaimed film on Djing, “Scratch” you will not only hear music by our crew in the form of “Airwave Hijack” but you will hear Dj Qbert acknowledge Dj Undercover and Dj Supreme as direct influences on his style.

Ice T, the great Emcee from Los Angeles and Hollywood director would finally hear about Hijack after appearing on Tim Westwoods show and signed us to the LA Rhyme Syndicate. Our debut album “The Horns Of Jericho” would go on to be the greatest contribution Europe has made to Hip Hop culture and firmly put us up as the No.1 Hardcore Hip Hop act in the Europe. It is regularly labelled as the best European Hip Hop album.


Dj Undercover,  VinniMc, Landlord of London, Master of Turntables.

I was born in Peckham SE15, London.
I was raised on Blue Beat Reggae, Ska and James brown played by my parents.
My friends big brother said there’s a new style of music called ‘Rap’ and said “listen to this”.
He put a tape in his cassette player and played us a rap record by a guy named Spoonie Gee.
This was in the late 70s and it sounded amazing.
After that I heard rappers delight, the Message and was completely hooked by the time Grandmaster Flash and the furious 5 dropped Survival.

Kamanchi Sly, KSLY, The Rhyme Writer, Einstein of the Rhyme, Master of Ceremonies.

Laugh when you say your styles hardcore…Son of Stockwell…student of the culture of  Hip Hop…Inspired by the Architects Herc, Bam, Flash. Lyrically inspired by Caz, Mel, LL, TLA Rock, G Rap, Rakim, ChucK D, KRS1, BDK, OG ICE T..


Ulysses, Ulysses Wolf, Assasin, Spiritual enigma.

I am a man of peace!! When the time comes? I hope I will have the strength to be just and the courage to be merciful!!

Agent Fritz, Dj Pied Piper.

Uncontrollable and now World Famous International DJ in the UK Garage Scene.

tha wild styleDj Supreme

Master of dance music and one of the biggest Dj’s in the world with mega charts hits and anthems.